eventIn her last year of college my beautiful, intelligent, privileged daughter became addicted to heroin. She cycled in and out of jails (4), rehabs (15!) and living on the streets for five years until she became an apprentice in a radically different, successful, one of a kind program, Shakti Rising. The skills she learned and her support from the Shakti community transformed her into a healthy, productive adult who is following her passion and giving back to the community.

After three years of intensive work she graduated from Shakti Rising. To thank them and to help make their services available to other families I hosted an exhibit at the Smith Andersen Gallery in Palo Alto, on Saturday, March 21st, 2009. We auctioned 100 doodles, created by celebrity actors, activists, artists and musicians.

Each doodle was in a double-sided glass frame – doodle in front, celebrity doodler autograph hidden on the back. Ticket holders were given their name on a sticker and choose one piece to place it on, not knowing who created it. The big reveal happened at the end of the night when they claimed their piece and turned it over to see which celebrity who supports services for women and girls created it.

We doubled our goal.

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